Magnolia Society International

2017 Annual Meeting, Sweden

Magnolia Society Annual Meeting 2017


Annual Meeting May 4 – 15, 2017

Malmo, Uppsala and Gothenburg, Sweden

The Magnolia Society International is offering more registration choices than ever before to enable you to select those portions of the meeting which match your available time and budget. You may choose anything from the entire three-city tour down to the shortest option of participation in only one of the cities where we have multiple days of activities, Malmo or Uppsala. You even have the option of having us provide your travel between cities or arranging your own transportation. Whatever you select, your registration fee will include transportation and entrance fees to all of the activities within each destination, your hotel room for every night at each location, breakfast every day, lunch every day except May 8 and 13, and dinner every day except May 4 and 13.

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Payment will be in Swedish Krona (SEK). Our website accepts VISA and MasterCard. Your payment will be accepted in SEK and converted to the currency of your bank account at the exchange rate in effect when you register. You will receive online notification when your registration and payment have been processed.

If you prefer to register and pay by mail, you can download a form and instructions at

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Please remember to contact your bank or credit card company before submitting your payment.

Be sure to let them know that you are making an international payment online to Ask Mr. Nilsson, a tour company in Sweden, and let them know the amount you will submit in SEK.

If you encounter problems with your payment, please DO NOT return to the merchant, Ask Mr. Nilsson, as instructed online.

Instead, please send your name and email address to Carina will contact you to ensure that your payment is processed.

If you are attending the full three-city annual meeting and you choose to have us provide transportation between cities, travel will be arranged by air from Malmo to Stockholm/Arlanda, by train from Stockholm to Gothenburg and by train from Gothenburg to the Copenhagen airport. You are responsible for making your own flight arrangements to and from Copenhagen (CPH) and to take the train between Copenhagen and Malmo. If you are beginning your tour in Uppsala, you are responsible for making your own flight arrangements to and from Stockholm/Arlanda (ARN) and arranging travel to and from the hotel in Uppsala.

If you are attending one of the two-city tours ending May 13 or ending May 12 and you choose to have us provide transportation between cities, flights will be arranged from Malmo to Stockholm/Arlanda and from Stockholm/Arlanda to Copenhagen.

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There will be a 10% administration fee if you cancel your meeting registration before January 20, 2017. If you cancel between January 20 and March 1, 2017, you will be charged the 10% administration fee plus all flight and train fares that have been incurred with your registration. No cancellations will be accepted after March 1, 2017

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